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An experienced team bringing concepts to creation.

New Product Releasing in 2nd Quarter 2018


Great Ideas to Great Designs
In the design process, we take a concept for a great tool and engineer it in our state-of-the-art software, to the finest details.


Designs Take Form
After a tool is designed, we use a combination of traditional and rapid prototyping to fine-tune the design into a useful tool.


Final prototype to Production
A great tool should be available to everyone. We use the latest in manufacturing technology to produce the highest quality tools available.


Careful and Timley Delivery
After the tools are manufactured, we take extra care to pack and deliver the tools to your store to improve your customer experience and selection.


Our team is diverse, we are made up of experienced industry experts with over 30 years of gained knowledge. Knowledge from two industries. First, construction industry which includes concrete work, deep trench/large excavation projects, pipe laying, paving and every operation associated with construction. The second industry is professional product design and development.

Our team’s diverse knowledge came together to focus on bringing new products to market with the END USER in mind!

We have worked with individuals and companies on projects that started with ideas, moved to the development of manufacturable CAD files, entered the prototyping phase, we’ve tested products and have worked through the various steps associated with receiving patents.

Our team is positioned with years of construction experience and product design/development that is bringing new and innovative products to market. We believe in both manufacturing and licensing of products, whichever is best for the END USER!

Marketing and Market Share

To help you and your product gain market share we help you by designing disruptive technology that will:

Product Design and Development Services

Our Design Process
  • Idea creation, validate the need for the product
  • Determine market size
  • Develop manufacturable ready CAD files
  • Prototypes- RP models, wood, metal
  • Product material selections
  • RFQ solicitations
  • Detailed design reviews prior to tooling
  • Specification and tolerance determinations
  • Quality control procedures
When we develop products we consider
  • Ergonomics
  • Weight
  • Fatigue
  • Balance
  • Shape
  • Feel
  • Comfort

Industries Served


Food and Kitchen



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